Saturday, August 22, 2009


I want to thank Shirley Bass and Monica from "The Inkwell Alley", for putting a link to my blog and tagging me! Once again, be sure to check out their blog. They not only promote their work, but generously promote many other artists!
It seems that when you are "tagged", you are to write about interesting or bizarre things about yourself. Well.....from my prospective, I can't think of many interesting or bizarre things! I will tell you a little to give you an idea of who I am if you are so inclined to be interested. Ha-ha!
1.I was born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana. I live now just a few miles from Mooresville Indiana. Mooresville is still a relatively small town, known as the boyhood home of John Dillinger. 2. I "was" married and have one son that now happily lives in California with his beautiful fiance. 3. I have two horses, two dogs and two cats. Lots of wild creatures visit often also! Sometimes seems like living in a zoo!! Ha-ha! 4. I have painted all my life. I started out doing murals on my parents walls, (which they did not appreciate!). That is when they started buying me art supplies to keep me away from walls,etc. 5. I now work in my studio at the historic Stutz Business Center in Indianapolis. This is where they manufactured the "Stutz Bearcat Automobile", among others. 6. I am a full time artist/painter and absolutely love being able to do everyday what I love! 7. I love to learn new things. I try to learn something new each day that is not part of what I do. I like to share on Twitter new information I think people might enjoy. Feel free to "Follow" me and hopefully learn something new!

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Sbass said...

You live a very rewarding life! You have beautiful work. Thanks for the tag :) Audrey S Bass