Thursday, August 13, 2009

Learn Something New!!!

I have started something on my Twitter page (see the link below), and want to continue it here on my blog.
I used to drive my parents crazy asking them "Why". I still am asking that same question. I do not ever want to be satisfied with information that people give me. Question everything. If you learn something new, ask yourself why or when etc. Let one question lead you to another question. Expand your world and your mind!
I want to encourage everyone to learn something new each day. I would like for you to come back ("Follow" if you are not already) to my blog and let me know what you have learned.
I get bored with small talk! The world is a very big and complex place.
So many people let their world stop at the end of their nose! Venture out and expand your world.
Example, if you are an artist, learn something about science. If you are a scientist, learn something about the arts. Anything. Anything new! The mind is no different than your muscles. Use it or lose it!!!
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Lecture over, let me know what you have learned today!!
What I Have Learned Today:
Gravity effects everything we are and do. Read about the origin of gravity here:

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