Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Stutz Artist Open House

**Pic of people lined up to get into the show**
Wow!! This was BY FAR the best show I have ever had
at the Stutz! This pic is on one side of the building and
doesn't even show the whole line! I will post more pics.
As I said, this was the best show I have ever had at the
Stutz Artist Open House. I got to meet a few people
that I talk to via Facebook. Very nice to meet them in
person! Had great sales and have some people
coming in next week for portrait commissions!
I stayed up really late after the Friday night show and
could hardly keep my eyes open for the Saturday show
but IT WAS WELL WORTH IT!!! For anyone who
came to the show, I hope you had a great time and
thank you so much for coming!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Peace - Indiana landscape

"Peace" - Indiana landscape
12 inches x 16 inches
I love the peaceful feeling I get, and enjoy the beautiful rich
colors of the landscape just before sundown.
This is one of the new paintings that will be available
in my studio at the Stutz Open House.
April 23rd & 24th.
I am on the second floor, studio A210
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Couples Portrait

Couples Portrait
This is a new portrait I just finished. I worked from a
very old black and white photograph. I would like to
tell you a little bit about this couple.
They ran off at seventeen without their parents
knowing and got married. Their parents were horrified
when they found out. They are now 84 and 85 years old.
They are still married. He became a very successful
physician, and they have two sons that are also very
successful! Goes to show you...sometimes parents
arent' always right!!!
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