Monday, January 24, 2011

The inspiration behind..and the history of my painting "The Rose"

The inspiration behind...and the history of
my painting "The Rose".
First I want to say my favorite flower is the rose. The
rose in this painting was from my personal rose garden.
I am always inspired to paint floral paintings, but the rose
being so soft with it's heavenly scent, is what I reach
for first. Not only was this rose absolutely beautiful, I was
inspired by the lyrics of a song at a time in my life when things
were, (no pun intended) a little thorny. The lyrics are from
a very well known song by the same title as my painting,
"The Rose". The version of the song I like is performed
by Bette Midler.
The song reminded me and still reminds me...keep going.
There is a spring after the long winter..our lives will bloom
again with time!
To read the lyrics of the song..

Here is a suprising thing that happened to me one day,
involving this and many of my other paintings and prints.
I received an e-mail one day from a man asking me if he
could purchase some of my paintings and prints to be used
on a new television show set that was due to be released.
Of course my immediate thought was..this is some nut
trying to scam me. You hear about scams everyday on
the internet. He gave me some links and phone numbers
to check him out. He KNEW that I would think it was someone
up to no good! I checked out the links, which was the history
of this person. It turned out, this man was an Emmy winning
set designer with a very long list of movies and television shows
he had designed sets for. He even gave me a password so I could
e-mail him. Yes...people have to have a password just to e-mail
this man! When I called the number/numbers he gave me, I was
suprised to hear I had reached Warner Brother's Studio!!! His
secretary put me right though! They indeed bought several
of my paintings and prints and I was so shocked and thrilled
to see them when the show aired! The show was, "Past Life". The
show didn't last long..but his set was (not just because I had work
on there) gorgeous!! For his privacy, I won't mention his name,
but here are a few of the tv shows and movies he has designed
sets for.
Dawson's Creek-Won a primetime Emmy for this
When Harry Met Loyd
Get Low
The Joneses
The People vs. Leo Frank
One Missed Call
**Many others were listed!**
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$18.00 plus shipping
Size of print:
7.88in x 7.84in
**Professionally printed with archival acid free pigment ink
on acid free Epson Luster paper**
**Any overcharge for shipping will be refunded after purchase**

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Friday, January 21, 2011

My New Years Resolution!



One of my New Years Resolutions is to blog often,
so "follow" me to get updates!
I thought I would show you two of my helpers..two of my bosses really,
Mo and Dutchess.
Here are pics of them thinking about what
they want me to do next! Dutchess likes to think while lying
on a quilt! Mo..he can't think without "his" advisors..kitty and bunny!
I will keep you posted as to what ideas they have!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two Lemons and a Plum print

Two Lemons and a Plum
Archival giclee print
Two sunny yellow lemons with a juicy ripe plum.
This print is professionally printed with
pigment ink and acid free paper that will not fade!
Only $18.00 plus shipping!
This would make a great unique wall hanging
for your home,office or a gift for a friend or loved one!
Safely order thru PayPal. If you do not
have a PayPal account you have the option
thru PayPal to pay with your debit or credit card!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Indiana Landscape 3

Indiana Landscape 3
16in (H)x20in (W)
Original oil on canvas
This painting was done in southern Indiana at the Brown County
State Park.
This peaceful painting would be a great addition for anyone's
home or business!
$800.00 in my studio. $10.00 shipping
I will safely ship your painting within 1-2 business days

Monday, January 3, 2011

Indiana Landscape 2

Indiana Landscape 2
Original Oil On Canvas
16in (H) x 20in (W)
Price is for unframed painting
$900.00 in my studio..$10.00 shippping
If you are outside the Indianapolis Indiana area, I will safely ship
this painting within 1-2 business days