Sunday, January 25, 2009

Special occasion portraits

I have to admit I am really suprised.
As the economy seems to worsen, my
workload for commissions, especially
portraits have increased. It seems from
the people I have spoken with, they are
investing in art, due to Wall Street not
being something people can count on.
If you think about it, banks cannot control
what artists charge for their art. Come to think
about it, people have a hard time controlling
artists period! Just another thing I love
about being an artist. My point is this,
consider a wedding portrait, anniversary portrait,
birthday portrait, graduation portrait, etc. Capture a
moment in time of that child, grandchild or any
other special person in your life. Why not
commission a painting of a special event? Portraits
and paintings I am realizing more and more, are
something that are cherished for generations!
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