Monday, September 23, 2013

Helping To Make Memories


I just love what I do.  I have had so many people tell me thank you.  Thank you for preserving a memory they could have lost if it wasn't for the painting I did for them or the painting they purchased from me. Creating a landscape the person lives near or has lived in, in the past.  A portrait of a loved one. A Grandmother,Grandfather,Mother,Father that has passed.  Painting a portrait of a child that will change, as you know very quickly.  Freezing a moment in time.  Being able to put dimension into a painting This makes my client happy and me very happy too! When I am working on a painting or portrait I admit, I have in the past only tried to think how I can do a great job on this painting.  I would think about how much I enjoy the process of doing the painting.  Only when I have a client see the painting for the first time and see the reaction is when I see how my work contributes to the happiness of another person.  I have to admit it is surprising to me.  I was only thinking about me.  How self centered is that?!  If you are an artist you never know how your work will contribute to the life of the client you are talking to now and the people that see your work in the future!  I believe we are given powerful gifts to make the world a better place.  I urge you, no matter what you do, do your best in whatever work you do and you too will not only make others happy but yourself also!

These are examples of a paintings that made a clients very very happy!

Child Oil Portrait

Wedding Oil Portrait

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Christmas is just around the corner.  An oil portrait would make the perfect unique gift!
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