Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My studio

It is getting late and has been a long day, but I thought
I would post one more photo on my blog. I love it when
artists post photos of their studio on their blog or
web site. It just makes the experience more personable.
Here is a photo of my studio at the Stutz Artist Open House.
We have an open house the last week of April every year.
We on average have around 6,000 people attend the
2 day weekend event. I have one side of my studio set up
as a gallery, the other side is where I paint. We also open
our studio's the first Friday of every month. We have close
to seventy artists at the Stutz Business Center where
my studio is located. It is in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.
Just in case you are in the neighborhood, it is located at
212 W. 10th Street, Indianapolis Indiana. I am in studio A210.
If you are in the neighborhood on a first Friday, stop by.

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