Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Does art have to be expensive?

Does art have to be expensive?
This was a question that came up in a forum I was reading today.
I was reading posts from artists that explained how the process
of making art can be very time consuming. Many people have
degrees, take special classes/workshops from well known instructors, etc. and
feel they deserve to charge more for their work. Some artists win awards,
and/or have their work in prestigous galleries and collections. This
all adds up to experience. The more experienced and talented an
artist is, if they are lucky, will have many collectors. The fact is, art, good
art, takes a lifetime of practice and hard work. Very hard work!
Many people really do not realize the hard work, money and
time artists invest in their career. So, if you see a piece of art that
you believe is overpriced, try to find out just who the artist is, and what
they have invested in their career to get where they are.
Myself, I know things are tough right now for many people. They do not
have the cash flow that they would like to buy art. Just because someone
doesn't have a lot of money, does not mean they are a person that does
not love or appreciate art. I try to have a wide variety of sizes and
prices for people to be able to afford my art if they so choose.
You can check out some of my art and prices in my Etsy store.
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