Saturday, December 12, 2009

"LONER" sold today!!

I sold this little painting today. "Loner". I am so happy to
give it a new home!
(Thanks Jennifer!)
To see other paintings, archival prints and notecards
for sale:
I love red! This goes along with the title of this painting really.
The meaning is, there is a difference between being alone and
being lonely. I love to be alone and work on my paintings. Painting
is (besides my son and animals) my biggest passion. Red is
the true color of passion!
I get a real thrill shipping my paintings all over the world.
It is fun to ask myself while I am working on a painting, where
will this painting go? What kind of home will it have?
Heartwarming to think about it! I love thinking that my
work is making someone else happy! ♥

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