Saturday, March 21, 2009

RELAX-Cat Print

11in x 11in print
Ahh.....I don't know why people are always so upset.
They just need to learn to relax like us cats!!
I know this isn't one of my usual "serious" paintings.
I feel I need to put out there some inspiration for people
going through tough times. I just happen to have
two cats that worry about absolutely nothing! I
look at them and see inspiration for me. I have heard
it said, "Don't sweat the small stuff!" If you really
put things into perspective, most all things really
are small stuff. Ask yourself, what do I have to
be thankful for? Are your children healthy? Are you
healthy? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you
have food to eat? If you can say yes,
"Don't sweat the small stuff!!!"

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